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Welcome to CELPHIE

The Coalition for Early Life course studies supporting Public Health Intervention and Evaluation (CELPHIE) is an alliance that unites expertise and experience across three Canadian research teams – one in Moncton, New Brunswick headed by Dr. Mathieu Bélanger, one in Toronto, Ontario headed by Dr. Katerina Maximova, and one in Montreal, Quebec headed by Dr. Marie-Pierre Sylvestre and Dr. Jennifer O’Loughlin. Check out the new website here!

Major research grant to sustain the MATCH study

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada awarded a major award to a team led by Prof Mathieu Bélanger to study sport participation through the transition from adolescence to adulthood. This grant allows extending the MATCH study for it to become a 12-year longitudinal study. MATCH is recognized worlwide as a unique study and with this longer follow-up of participants, the team will investigate effects of sport participation during youth on adult sport participation and personal development.

Daniel Saucier, PhD student in the health sciences research program at le CFMNB is awarded fellowship.

Congratulations to Daniel Saucier, PhD student in the health sciences research program at le CFMNB and recipient of The O’Brien Foundation Fellowship Scholarship for 2020-2021. Up to ten research grants are awarded annually by the board of the O’Brien Foundation which aims to recognize academic performance, professional status and integrity. What a great honour that will also help the advancement of health research in the province! Well done Daniel!

Congratulations Mathieu Bélanger!

Mathieu Bélanger, professor-researcher in the Department of Family and Emergency Medicine at the Université de Sherbrooke received the Mitacs Honourable Mention as part of his nomination in the Top 25 Star Mentors from New Brunswick’s universities, colleges and research institutions who have shown an exemplary job of training the next generation of researchers.  For more…

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