Research Laboratory on Chronic Disease Prevention
Our lab is devoted to developing new knowledge required to improve, test and implement better interventions to address physical inactivity, the most prevalent preventable risk factor for chronic disease and mortality in Canada. Our lab is devoted to epidemiological studies on diabetes and other chronic diseases. Towards these general goals, our research program currently includes four research components:
  1. Investigating determinants and outcomes of physical activity participation through the MATCH study;  
  2. Improving and testing a public health lifestyle intervention for early years through the Healthy Start project;  
  3. Studying, developing and testing lifestyle interventions for primary care settings; and
  4.  Pursuing complementary analyses on the outcomes of physical activity participation and the development of chronic diseases through data from other studies and from administrative sources.
These main research components are complemented by other research activities which are closely tied to our primary focus. Overall, the results are used to identify more efficient clinical and public health practices. Some of the team’s results have already been implemented and have led to improvements in the system.